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Let’s Learn More About Global Tobacco Usage on World No Tobacco Day

Learn More About Global Tobacco Usage on World No Tobacco Day

Join us in finding out more about World No Tobacco Day.

We probably state the obvious here but good health if not great health is imperative to our health and wellness. The better we feel, the more productive we are. When it comes to health around the world, tobacco use plays a role in compromising health and development.

On May 31, the World Health Organization (WHO) advocates for World No Tobacco Day (WNTD). The goal is that our world may get a little healthier while becoming more economically and environmentally sustainable. Join us in learning more about tobacco and how it affects development around the world.

  • Tobacco’s Health Threats. The use of tobacco poses a serious risk to our health. In fact, tobacco accounts for more than 6 million deaths annually, and this number is only expected to rise.
  • Tobacco’s Environmental Threats. Not only is tobacco a threat to our health, but it’s also a threat to the environment. Growing tobacco leads to deforestation. According to a WHO statistic, tobacco agriculture uses 4.3 million hectares of land annually. Additionally, such agriculture produces a fair amount of waste and pollution.
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  • According to the WHO, controlling tobacco helps achieve other global goals.  In addition to saving lives and reducing health inequalities, comprehensive tobacco control contains the adverse environmental impact of tobacco growing, manufacturing, trade and consumption.

Tobacco control can break the cycle of poverty, contribute to ending hunger, promote sustainable agriculture and economic growth, and combat climate change. Increasing taxes on tobacco products can also be used to finance universal health coverage and other development programs of the government.It is not only governments who can step up tobacco control efforts: people can contribute on an individual level to making a sustainable, tobacco-free world.

People can commit to never take up tobacco products. Those who do use tobacco can quit the habit, or seek help in doing so, which will, in turn, protect their health as well as people exposed to second-hand smoke, including children, other family members, and friends. Money not spent on tobacco can be, in turn, used for other essential uses, including the purchase of healthy food, healthcare, and education.

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