Girl Scouts and “Cookie Season”

Folks can count on two things arriving in March:  Springtime and “Cookie Season”. The Girl Scouts bring goodness to lucky recipients from previously placed winter orders. Girl Scouts with their boxes of delicious cookies parade through the neighborhoods and office buildings.  There’s hardly a person that can wait to rip their boxes open to have a taste.

Everybody has a favorite cookie. What is yours?  My favorite Girls Scouts cookie is the Thin Mints.  I put them in the freezer and after dinner… or at midnight… or in the morning… or anytime, really, I indulge myself with the best Girl Scout cookie ever made. The cold, round, minty chocolate-coated decadent goodness makes any day better; any moment better.

When we enjoy our favorites this “Cookie Season” remember that all the money raised goes to the Girl Scout Council, except for the baker’s paycheck. This revenue funds their learning camps and special programs. The business of selling cookies teaches the Girl Scouts about marketing, sales, money management, and how to track orders; not to mention it develops the girls’ people skills.

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