Get Crafty for International Tatting Day

It seems there’s a holiday for nearly everything. Case in point; the April 1st holiday, International Tatting Day. With the popularity of tattoos it is natural to assume that the holiday celebrates the artistic freedom of the tattoo and how expressing ones-self through inked symbolism has become less taboo even in the most refined workplaces. While those are nice thoughts, tatting is actually something completely different. It’s a string craft akin to crochet, knitting or weaving that is used to make lace.

Tatting is created using different colored thread, a weaving shuttle to use as a thread holder, and may also use a crochet hook. The lace patterns created by tatters is very distinct, and is made up entirely of circles, rings, and arched chains. The rings are joined together with tiny loops called picots which also serve a decorative purpose as well.

Tatting originated in the 19th century when most projects were done in white or ecru and used to embellish collars, create doilies, and various decorative cloths. Considering the confusion between tatting and tattoos, International Tatting Day could use a little publicity, and perhaps tattooing should get a holiday of its own!

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