The Life of George Washington

George Washington was born into a wealthy family on February 22, 1732. The wealth of George Washington’s family dates back to his great-grandfather, John Washington, who held a bit of distinction in England and was given land by King Henry VIII.

George’s father Augustine, was as ambitious as his own father, John. He built mills, grew tobacco and acquired land and slaves to work in the mills and tobacco fields. These things made George’s father, a well-respected and wealthy man.

George Washington was the oldest child of Augustine and Mary’s six children. George was only 11 years old when his father died, and George’s half-brother Lawrence (one of three children his father had with his first wife Jane) gained custody of him.

By the age of 20 he had inherited the family’s estate in Mount Vernon. He instantly became a respected and prominent member of the community, not only for his wealth, but also his leadership skills and interest in the community.

George Washington led an even more ambitious life than his grand-father and father. He had a successful career in the military and went on to be the first President of the United States of America.

Three years after his presidential term ended he died at his beloved Mount Vernon home, at the age of 67, on December 14, 1799 at 10 am of a throat infection. The country mourned his death for days.

In honor of our first President, his life was celebrated for 86 years on the date of his birth, February 22nd. In 1971, it was changed to the third Monday in February, and included all presidents, and is now known as President’s Day.

On President’s Day all federal and state government institutions close as well as schools, and other institutions. Most cities and towns across America hold a parade or festival of some sort in their honor.

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