George Farrell, Author of “Angry Black Man’s Guide to Success”, Sounds Off on The Maria Sanchez Show

Hitting the hot issues, we had best-selling author George Farrell recently on the Maria Sanchez Show, opening up and answering questions on his provocative book entitled, “Angry Black Man’s Guide to Success” of the Strong Black Man series.

He visited with us, mostly giving his take on President Obama’s comments on the George Zimmerman case. He uses the word “hypocrite” in describing the president’s recent speech on racial profiling and the word “abysmal,” regarding the president’s specific treatment of black people.

Mr. Farrell gave his general perspective, aside from race, on the president’s comments, as well. In his own words on the president’s surprise address, “It actually is a very cunning way to take attention off of more important issues like unemployment and the economy and get people focused somewhere else…” In citing Obama as hypocritical in his dealings toward the African American community, he pointed out that the president has hired less African Americans in his cabinet than former President George W. Bush, among others.

He challenged the president further by saying, “If [President Obama] really wants to do something [for] African Americans [in addressing] their condition in America, he needs to lead by example; he needs to hire; he needs to promote…”

I went ahead and asked him about the racial profiling “thing”; and even made it personal to me. His answer was insightful, and we got a few chuckles out of some other statements around it. He also hit on the essence of his controversially titled book, “Angry Black man’s Guide to Success.” Click on the Podcast of the July 23rd airing of The Maria Sanchez Show to hear for yourself.

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