How We Can Fight Climate Change in Our Everyday Lives

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We can make better choices to help the environment—here’s how.

Now, more than ever, it’s important for us to pay attention to the choices that we make which creates more challenges for climate change.  This is why it’s imperative that we do our parts in the fight against climate change. While this may sound daunting we can make small lifestyle changes to make a difference.  Here’s how we can be more environmentally-friendly in our everyday lives.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprints

There are many things that we can do around our homes to reduce our carbon footprints.  Some of the most impactful changes include the following:

  • installing solar panels or switching over to an energy provider that uses clean energy
  • replacing the lightbulbs in our homes with LED versions
  • investing in energy-efficient appliances
  • reducing our dryer use by hanging our clothes to dry
  • upgrading to bio-degradable, non-toxic laundry detergents and fabric softeners
  • switching to a low-flow faucets, showerheads, and toilets

Challenge Ourselves to Go “Zero Waste”

While zero waste sounds intimidating, the idea behind this movement is practicing sustainability and reducing the amount of waste that we produce.  Some of the best zero waste suggestions include the following:

  • repurposing or upcycling things that we already own
  • replacing single-use items (disposable water bottles, plastic straws, baby wipes, etc.) with sustainable or reusable alternatives.  The United Nations declared #BeatPlasticPollution as their campaign against the consumption of single-use items.
  • investing in cruelty-free and non-toxic household products
  • reducing the amount of food waste we produce in the kitchen by planning meals and creating detailed grocery lists
  • composting our food scraps to make use of food items that normally go to waste
  • There’s even a website that has other suggestions

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