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Father’s Day: A History

With Mother’s Day now behind us, it follows that Father’s Day is on the way. This is a great opportunity to talk a little bit about the history of the holiday.

While Mother’s Day was made official in 1908, Father’s Day took a bit longer to catch on. It wasn’t until 1924 that state governments were encouraged to observe Father’s Day by President Coolidge. Here’s an interesting fact: men scoffed at the notion that they should have a day dedicated to themselves; apparently, it wasn’t manly enough. Men also didn’t like being forced to celebrate a commercialized holiday which resulted in the receiving of gifts that had been paid for (in large part) by their own salaries.

Father’s Day was finally made a federal holiday in 1972 by Richard Nixon, and partially because of societal changes, fathers eventually warmed to the idea of having their own special day. Now it’s estimated that Americans spend more than a billion dollars annually on gifts for father.

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