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It’s National Boy Scouts Day – Scout’s Honor!

It's National Boy Scouts Day - Scout's Honor!

February 8th is National Boy Scouts Day in honor of its founding in 1910. Over a century ago today, a stack of papers was filed that would change the lives of generations of young men. On February 8th, 1910, William Dickson Boyce – a Chicago publisher – went to Washington D.C. to submit the incorporation papers that

Celebrate Christmas with These Holiday Facts!

Christmas Holiday Facts for You & Your Family

Check out what you may not know about Christmas. If you’re Christian, you’re well aware that it’s time to deck the halls, trim the Christmas tree, and spend plenty of time with loved ones. The holidays are here, and it is time to celebrate Christmas. But, how much do we know about the holiday? We

Participate in Pack Your Mom Lunch Day!

Participate in Pack Your Mom Lunch Day

Celebrate Pack Your Mom Lunch Day on November 15. Moms are like superheroes. Most of us try always to be there when our children need us. From making sure that their basic needs are met, that their meals are nutritious and well balanced,  to waking up extra early to make our kids lunches, we do

Be Prepared for an Earthquake and Participate in The Great California Shake Out!

Participate in The Great California Shake Out

Find out what you need to know about The Great California Shake Out. Here in Southern California, earthquakes are a reality. These natural disasters often leave lots of destruction behind. It would be wise to be ready for an earthquake with the best advised preparations. Join us as we get ready for The Great California Shake

Take Action Against Bullying on National Stop Bullying Day!

Take Action Against Bullying on National Stop Bullying Day

Find out what we may need to know about bullying during National Stop Bullying Day. Bullying has become an increasing problem over the years. It affects people of all ages, but it can be especially damaging to children. Join us in standing up to bullies, and participating in National Stop Bullying Day. On October 12,

Advocate for Good Health and Participate in National Walk to School Day!

Participate in National Walk to School Day

Encouraging our children to get moving on National Walk to School Day. Two things we value here at The Maria Sanchez Show are healthy living and our children. We’d like to invite both of these populations and to encourage all of them to join in and honor National Walk to School Day! On October 5,

Strive to Be a Part of Your Community on National Good Neighbor Day

National Good Neighbor Day Tips

We love our neighbors, but often we forget to appreciate them for all they do. From helping collect the mail when we’re out of town, to lending us that missing ingredient so that we can finish our batch of cookies before company arrives, neighborly love is underrated. Since its inception in 1978, by former President