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Turn Up The Heat Because Fall is Here!

Tomorrow marks the Fall Equinox for the Northern Hemisphere of the world.  Those affected by the Fall Equinox on September 23rd at 2:29 UTC are the United States, Central America, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa. The Southern Hemisphere is made up of Australia, New Zealand, South America, and Southern Africa. They will have to wait until March 20th, 2015 at 22:45 UTC for their Fall Equinox.

The Fall Equinox marks the first day of fall.  It is time to bring out the flannels, pumpkin decorations, and turn up the heat because fall is here. On this day, we suggest that you celebrate the change in seasons by decorating your home for fall.  Fill our homes with the smell of fresh pumpkin pie and prepare for the temperatures to wind down and the days appear shorter.

During this time, we suggest that you also conduct some basic fall home maintenance tasks to prepare your home and your family for the change in scenery.

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