Epiphany Helps to Keep the Christmas Spirit Alive

A lot of people think the whole holiday season ends on Christmas Day, but I think they’ve got it backward. The season really begins on December 25th. The only thing that ends is the holiday shopping frenzy. Except for people who got gift cards and need to get right back to the mall!

The 12 days of Christmas, just like in the song, really begin on December 26, and extend through January 5. The next day is the Epiphany, the traditional day that the three wise men (or kings) visited Bethlehem and paid homage to the baby infant Jesus.

The wise men brought gold, frankincense and myrrh as gifts, but the bling wasn’t really the important part of the story. These wise men understood that the birth was a world-changing event. They wanted to share in it. Every day, people are working to change the world. What are we doing to be a part of changes that will help to make our world a better place?

As often as possible, we strive to produce inspirational, feel good stories with real life folks that have overcome adversity and achieved some kind of success.

It’s so easy to feel let down on December 26, if you feel that the holiday season has abruptly ended. If you understand the importance of Epiphany, though, you know that the joy of Christmas has only just begun.

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