Ellen Smoak on Growing After a Breakup: Hear it First on the Maria Sanchez Show

Some things you can’t help; but there’s always something that you can. Ellen Smoak visited our show, The Maria Sanchez Show, and separated the girls from the women. Ellen explains her popular book that offers insights on how to heal after a breakup, as she differentiates between the pain of the actual breakup and getting over “him.” The book is titled, “Breakups are a Bitch, But Getting Over Him Doesn’t Have to Be.”

How to Deal with a Breakup

Don’t be mistaken; the content applies to both men and women. Ellen is an accomplished counselor and life coach, who has traveled extensively, teaching and sharing on relationships and how to cope with this difficult part of life. We had a good time, laughing and giggling about losing count on the breakups we’ve racked up. We sort of prepare a younger generation to heal and live better. So listen-in as Ellen makes “it” plain and simple on our show by highlighting the value of growing from a breakup.

Ellen Smoak describes her career, and that of others that do similar work, as “making lemonade out of lemons.” Tune into The Maria Sanchez Show podcast from July 9th to hear Ellen answer questions on growing after a breakup.

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