Election Day: Go Vote!

As a public personality, I would like to remind everyone that their vote counts on Election Day! Voting is a privilege and something we all should be very proud to have in this country. It is estimated that approximately 68 percent of Americans are registered to vote, but only 58 percent actually go to the polls and cast their ballot.

Election Day falls on November 5th. I encourage all eligible voters to exercise your right to vote! Listeners who hear the show via iTunes are also being encouraged to go and cast your ballot on Election Day. Every vote counts and has a direct impact on our country’s future. Don’t let the opportunity to let your voice be heard pass you by. Speak up, cast your ballot and encourage others to do the same.

Contact the Maria Sanchez Show if you have any questions about where voting polls are located or how your vote counts on Election Day. Listen in every day to hear the latest in Election Day news and campaign updates.

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