Dying for a Vacation but on a Tight Budget? No Worries…Have a Staycation!

Even in an improving economy there are reasons to choose a “Staycation” this year. A staycation is simply a vacation that is at home, where you treat yourself and your family as a guest in your own home and community. It doesn’t mean it is any less enjoyable.

A staycation can help you save money, and it can be good for the environment because you will use less fuel for travel. It can help support the economy closer to where you live, AND it can turn time normally spent for traveling into “enjoy my vacation” time! Here are some of my secrets to vacationing on a budget.

Plan ahead. Create excitement for you and your family as if you were traveling long distances. Discuss the parameters of staying at home in vacation mode, how you want to relax and what it is you want to see and do.

Explore the hidden treasures that Ventura County (or your home town) has to offer. Do you know how many people save all year to travel here for a week’s vacation? All of these things are in our own backyard. It doesn’t take but a minute to search “Ventura County Calendar” or “things to do in Ventura County California” to discover a treasure trove of inexpensive and fun events for your entire family.

Finally, do some things you have never done. It doesn’t necessarily have to be skydiving or windsurfing, but perhaps trying Segways, a bike trail, a beachfront picnic or a hike in our many open spaces that will create memories that will last a lifetime. Go for it. Try something new and try it close to home. It is not the distance you travel…it is the experience you share.

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