Domestic Violence Awareness Month

It’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and something we should all be aware of every month. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence wants to make sure you know what you can and should do if you’re a victim. It’s also important to be able to help people who you think might be victims. Not every victim of domestic violence is willing to speak up and get help, but with encouragement and protection many more will come forward. The ability for a survivor of domestic violence to come forward and seek help is extremely important, and can save and repair lives.

One of the best ways to ensure that people get help with domestic violence issues is to provide women’s shelters. Statistically, many more women than men are victims of domestic violence every year. If there aren’t enough shelters for them, they don’t know where to go or can’t get the help they need. Having funding for shelters is vital, and if you want to help women who are being abused you can find your local shelters and see how you can get involved. Don’t wait. You may be instrumental in saving lives.

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