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Go Dogs, Go! Today Marks the First Day of The Iditarod

Go Dogs, Go! Today Marks the First Day of The Iditarod

Learn more about this annual Alaskan tradition.

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is a long-distance sled dog race held in the state of Alaska.  Every year, teams of 16 sled dogs and their mushers travel approximately 1,000 miles from the city of Anchorage to the city of Nome.  During the 8 to 15-day journey, the teams will race through blizzards, sub-zero temperatures, and gale force winds, making this one of the most brutal competitions in the world.  In fact, race teams can face temperatures as low as -100°F during the competition.

In Alaska, the Iditarod is one of the most popular sporting events of the year, and many consider this competition a direct link to their history.  While the first Iditarod race was held in 1967, generations of native Alaskans relied on sled dogs and the trail routes hundreds of years prior.  Today, many consider the Iditarod not only an exciting sport but a reminder of their traditions and heritage.

Interested in learning more about the history of the Iditarod, or curious to see the excitement that this year’s event holds?  Then please check out the race’s official website HERE.

Join us at The Maria Sanchez Show as we cheer on our favorite mushers on the first day of the Iditarod. Don’t forget to check out our latest program, Shadow Politics with Senator Michael D. Brown. Tune in on Sundays at 4:00 p.m. PST/7:00 p.m. EST.

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