Debunking Common Weight Loss Myths

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Don’t believe these fake facts about weight loss.

Now that 2020 is finally here, many of us may be officially starting our weight loss journeys.  However, as we strive to get fit, it’s important that we are doing so in healthy and positive ways.  Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about weight loss that can lead us to adopt unhealthy behaviors, expectations, and mindsets.  To help ensure that our weight loss is a positive experience, here is the truth behind these common myths.

  • All Calories are Equal

Many dieters try to lose weight by restricting the number of calories that they consume each day.  However, because they assume that all calories are equal, they think they can eat unhealthy foods as long as they remain within their calorie goal.  However, the type of calories we consume are metabolized differently.  When we eat calories from fats or carbs, they are metabolized faster than calories from protein.  This is why we tend to get hungry faster after eating fatty or carb-heavy foods.  If we want to feel satisfied longer, then we ought to focus on eating more protein-based calories.

  • We Should See Progress Every Day

For those of us trying to lose weight, it can be frustrating when we do not see the number on the scale going down every day.  However, it’s important to understand that weight loss is not linear.  Our weights will naturally fluctuate every day for a variety of reasons.  So, we shouldn’t be discouraged if we see our weights going up and down by small amounts.  Instead, we should focus on long term trends to measure our progress.

  • Carbs Are Bad for Dieters

When people try to lose weight, one of the first things that they do is restrict their carb intake.  While low-carb diets can be effective, it’s important to know that carbs are not what causes weight gain.  It is really only refined carbohydrates (such as sugar) that are linked to heavier weights.  Whole foods that are high in carbs, such as fruit, are healthy and can easily be incorporated into our diets.

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