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On this Day in (Recent) History: The First iPhone was Released

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On this day in 2007, the first iPhone was released.

On June 29th, 2007, Apple launched its first ever iPhone.  While many of the original iPhone’s specs would be considered outdated by today’s standards, many herald the first iPhone as the trailblazer to the smartphones that we love today.  To commemorate the anniversary of this modern marvel, here are some interesting iPhone facts.

Steve Jobs Made a Prank Call When Introducing the First iPhone

When the iPhone was introduced in 2007, the Apple CEO used it to make a prank call, ordering 4,000 lattes from a nearby Starbucks.

Before the iPhone was the iPhone, It Had a Codename

The original iPhone development team used “Purple” as the codename for the phone.  The development team took over a portion of Apple’s headquarters and renamed it the “Purple Dorm” in honor of their secret project.

The iPhone Uses Samsung Processors

While Samsung’s Galaxy phones remain Apple’s largest competitor, it’s speculated that the two companies are pretty comfortable behind closed doors.  According to technical intelligence experts who have analyzed the iPhone, the computer chip that powers the iPhone is supposedly made by Samsung.

The First iPhone Ad Premiered at the Academy Awards

The first iPhone advertisement was titled “Hello,” and was displayed during the 79th Academy Awards on February 25, 2007.

Interesting iPhone Statistics

  • As of 2017, Apple has sold over 1.2 billion iPhones
  • 78% of U.S. teens own an iPhone
  • The U.S. is home to 85.8 million iPhone users
  • Approximately 94% of smartphone industry profits go to Apple

To Gain Perspective on Our Use of Technology

On a personal note, as I continue my Ph.D. studies in Media Psychology, I am researching how technology is helping and hurting us as a society and as individuals.  A book that I just finished reading and that I highly recommend is “The Cyber Effect” by Mary Aiken, Ph.D., the world’s leading expert in forensic cyberpsychologywww.maryaiden.comfor more about this fascinating author.

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