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On This Day in History: The First Issue of Rolling Stone Magazine Published

On This Day in History: The First Issue of Rolling Stone Magazine Published

On November 9th, 1967 America saw the first issue of Rolling Stone magazine.  We invite you to celebrate the anniversary of this major publication with us.

Rolling Stone is an American magazine that focuses on popular culture, including music, media, and current events.  The magazine was founded in San Francisco by Jann Wenner (who is still the magazine’s publisher) and music critic Ralph J. Gleason.  The magazine started out with a focus on music and politics adding coverage and interviews about TV, film, and popular music in an appeal for a younger readership.  Recently, the publication seems to have gone back to its original mix of content.  In honor of Rolling Stone’s 50th Anniversary, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum is offering a special exhibition titled “Rolling Stone: 50 Years.”  We encourage you to visit the exhibit and peruse some of these must-see items from the magazine’s history.

Jann Wenner’s First Office

Rolling Stone’s original headquarters was located at 746 Brannon Street in San Francisco, California.  Visitors can get a feel for the time by visiting the exhibit that recreates Wenner’s first office.  Fun fact: the round wooden desk featured in the display is a copy of the desk that is still used at the magazine’s current office in New York City.

The First Issue of Rolling Stone

Also on display is the first issue of Rolling Stone.  The magazine’s cover features a picture of John Lennon that Wenner claimed was “a defining cover, because it encompassed music, movies, and politics.”  Fun fact: the first issue sold for 25 cents.

Letter from Charlie Manson

Another must-see item on display is a letter written to Rolling Stone by the notorious cult leader and murderer Charlie Manson.  The letter was written in 1972 after Manson had been found guilty of murder and sentenced to death.  In the letter, Manson offers to give an interview in exchange for a subscription to the magazine.  Fun fact: David Felton, who co-wrote the original Manson profile, would go on to win a National Magazine Award for his 5-part study of Manson.

We at the at The Maria Sanchez Show invite you to join us as we celebrate the amazing history of this iconic magazine.  Don’t forget to check out our latest program, Shadow Politics with Senator Michael D. Brown. Tune in on Sundays at 4:00 p.m. PDT/7:00 p.m. EDT.

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