On This Day in 1911: South Pole was Discovered!

On This Day in 1911: South Pole was Discovered

Roald Amundsen and a team of explorers discovered the South Pole on this day in 1911. 

Can you imagine living at a point in history where the entire world hadn’t yet been explored? It must have been so exciting to think about the new lands we had yet to find.

Roald Amundsen lived during such a time, and took advantage of it. Along with an expedition of four men accompanied by 52 sled dogs and four sleds, Amundsen explored parts of Antarctica no human had ever seen. On December 14th, 1911, this Norwegian team of explorers completed a trek across a barren, icy landscape up 9,300 feet of elevation to stand at the geographical South Pole.

Not only did Amundsen and his team reach the South Pole, they also made it back safely and were able to share their achievement when the returned to Hobart, Australia just a few months later.

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