Crowdfunding vs. Crowd Sourcing

Crowd Sourcing means finding people who are willing to use their man power to help a cause. On the other hand, the concept of Crowd Funding is that a lot of people will donate money for a cause, project, business or start up. These individuals may or may not personally know the person or business behind the project. However, they donate their money in exchange for a small reward, such as a sample of the product produced through the project. While investing in a company online is currently legal, laws are going to take effect in 2014 that will allow investors to receive stock in the new venture.

Kendall Almerico, CEO of spoke on July 15th on the Maria Sanchez Show about funding projects online. He explained that this form of sourcing funds for a business or project has become an online phenomenon. Many sites including KickStarter offer this opportunity for individuals to become a part of the growth of a business venture. As an active voice in relaying the latest news and information, the Maria Sanchez Show can help you learn more about this and other up and coming business ideas. Contact the show for more details.

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