Circumcision Correspondent Steve Svoboda: Non-surgical Circumcision

Our Circumcision Correspondent Steven Svoboda joined me for a discussion about a topic that affects boys and their parents worldwide – male circumcision. Svoboda is a writer, founder of the Berkeley based vegetarian Bus Stop Co-op, human rights lawyer, and founder of the California-based organization, Attorneys for the Rights of the Child, the only legal practice dedicated to anti-circumcision issues. He is a strong opponent of circumcision, and is involved in educating and litigating on behalf of genital integrity issues.

On our June 12th podcast, we focused on the history of genital mutilation/cutting and “intactivism”, and discussed Svoboda’s education and litigation on behalf of the burgeoning anti-circumcision cause. Check out the podcast as Harvard Law graduate, Steven Svoboda talked with us about the first-of-its-kind, World Health Organization approved, non-surgical circumcision device.

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