Changes to the Maria Sanchez Show

“You can’t keep a good woman down.” Isn’t that the saying? I certainly can’t say that I ever felt “down” while working on The Maria Sanchez Show for LA Talk Radio, but I will admit to occasionally feeling penned in. There are only so many hours available for any particular broadcast on talk radio, and frankly, sometimes there simply aren’t enough hours to go around.

As new, fascinating guests graced our programs, as our topic list became so long that it demanded its own zipcode, we realized that if we wanted to fairly cover all the current events going on in the world, we were going to have to change the way we were broadcasting.

We decided that we wanted to be able to talk about everything in national news, provide local coverage, have fun with lifestyle stories, and feature stimulating guests — but knew we could not accomplish that within the confines we were accustomed to working.

It was with a little nervous energy and a whole lot of excitement that I moved from LA Talk Radio to my own independent production. This new format is much more flexible, allows us to produce longer shows if the topic calls for it, and gives us the ability to explore topics in a more comprehensive way. While listeners won’t pick the show up live, they can listen to podcasts on demand, allowing them the freedom to enjoy the show on their own schedule oftentimes within the hour of our recording.

Change can be tough, but it can also be exhilarating. So far, this has been a fabulous opportunity.  Check out our podcasts at and listen on demand or better yet, subscribe to our RSS feed and it gets done for you!

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