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Should You Celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month?

Celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month

A few reasons we might consider about observing Vegetarian Awareness Month.  

This October,we’ll start to see the classic fall imagery of a cornucopia overflowing with a bounty of produce. More than just a symbol, this is a great reminder that October is Vegetarian Awareness Month. Here are just a few reasons we might wise to be aware of what it is to be a vegetarian.

  • More Affordable: When we eat grains and produce in lieu of meat, we can save upwards of $4,000 on our grocery bills each year.
  • More Humane: The meat industry in America is infamous for its cruel treatment of animals. When we skip meat, you don’t contribute to this problem. Otherwise, when possible, please consider purchasing meat and poultry and their by-products that were raised humanely, free range, anti-biotic free etc.
  • More Healthful: Vegetarian diets are higher in fiber; calcium; vitamins A, B2, C, and E; and folate.
  • More Sustainable: Raising animals to eat contributes to higher waste, poorer air quality, and more methane; raising crops doesn’t have the same far-reaching environmental consequences.

If becoming vegetarian is perhaps too daunting for us and we may not be ready to adopt a full no meat diet, perhaps consider celebrating Vegetarian Awareness Month by committing to Meatless Mondays.

Personally, I’m a firm believer in moderation.  I do eat red meat but sparingly.  I usually default to poultry and some pork products.  I thoroughly enjoy making turkey, free range chicken, Cornish game hens, and turkey sausages.  Whenever possible and if it is available, I’ll purchase turkey alternatives rather than the traditional red meat offerings, even ground turkey makes great tacos.

Whether you join with the ranks of vegetarians or simply cut down your meat intake with The Maria Sanchez Show this month, your body and the earth will thank you!

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