Celebrating Parent Leadership this February

Most of us love our parents. They often go the extra length to create a safe and productive environment for their children, stepchildren and foster children. So when are we going to create a holiday that finally celebrates what makes them so special?

This February will be National Parent Leadership month. This initiative was created by Parents Anonymous Inc. as an effort to honor those people who have taken their parenting to the next level. These parents have become leaders in their community and have attempted to use the available resources to shape the lives of their families and many of the families in their communities.

By creating the Parent Leadership Month initiative, we hope to honor parents and bring greater awareness to the leadership roles they may have taken as they positively influence the children around them. So come and celebrate Parent Leadership Month with me. Isn’t it about time that these parenting leaders get a little recognition for all the great things that they have accomplished in our communities?

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