Capricorn Characteristics

Capricorns are the most underrated of all the astrological signs. There is a good reason their icon is the tireless, sure-footed mountain goat. These animals can safely climb higher than any other of their mammal species.

Regardless of the sometimes seemingly reckless behavior of Capricorns, most of them have carefully planned out their actions, creating a road map for success. People with this sign also love to practice. Whether in sports, business or life, Capricorns, even when appearing to be spontaneous, have most probably rehearsed their actions thoroughly.

Like all astrological signs with Earth as their primary element, Capricorns are practical. While they can be idealists, most of them are totally grounded in reality, basing their lifestyle on what is real. Unlike some other signs, Capricorns revel in creating and using structure as a strong foundation.

The most noteworthy characteristic of Capricorns is their ability to overcome obstacles, regardless of size or danger. A Capricorn’s most common potential weakness is his/her tendency to dedicate so much time to work, career and/or responsibilities that they often lack the time for free-spirited play.

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