Bring Home a Furry Friend This National Adopt a Shelter Pet Month

Bring Home a Furry Friend This National Adopt a Shelter Pet Month

Let’s get involved this National Adopt a Shelter Pet Month.

Please, may I preface this with a disclaimer, I rescued my pup 3 ½ years ago (or actually, she rescued me) and my life (perhaps, our lives) have never been better. I’m biased. Even if there is a specific breed that we would prefer, there are rescues that cater to that breed. May we suggest that you don’t support the puppy mills or the breeders when there are AKC pups available for adoption?

October is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Month. As the name suggests, this month encourages us to adopt from our local shelters and give some well-deserving animals a loving home. While the most obvious way to get involved this month is by actually adopting a shelter pet, there are other things that we can do if we are unable to adopt at this time. Here are some of the suggestions that we might try this October.

Make a Donation

Many animal shelters are non-profit organizations or institutions run by the county. This means that most shelters do not have a lot of money or supplies to keep their operations running smoothly. However, we can help support our local shelters by offering them monetary donations or donations of essential supplies. Often, shelters will have a list of needed items located on their website. If a shelter does not have this information available, it’s easy to ask someone at the shelter to see what their donation policies are. Often, shelters are more than happy to accept donations of dry food, treats, toys, bedding, and so on.

Share Our Adoption Stories

Another great way to get involved this National Adopt a Shelter Pet Month is by sharing personal adoption stories online. By posting about how our shelter pets have improved our lives, we can encourage our family, friends, and followers to check out their local shelters. Hopefully, through sharing our positive adoption experiences, we can help other shelter pets find a loving, forever home.

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