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Birth Defects Prevention Month

“Making Healthy Choices to Prevent Birth Defects – Make a PACT for Prevention.”

January is recognized as Birth Defects Prevention Month. The 2015 theme for this promotional month is “Making Healthy Choices to Prevent Birth Defects – Make a PACT for Prevention.” Far too many individuals fail to realize that health and wellness can actually act as a prevention method for birth defects. When you are healthy, you are more capable of producing healthy offspring.

Unfortunately, birth defects are extremely common and babies are still vulnerable when inside their mothers. While some birth defects are caused by genetics, others are caused by negligence. There are a variety of birth defect preventative measures a mother can take both before and during pregnancy. Every woman that can get pregnant should be taking folic acid daily. This vitamin helps fetal development during the initial stages, and can be one of the answers to avoiding birth defects. Additionally, it is important to note that some birth defects are diagnosed before birth, whereas others are diagnosed at birth or even after they leave the hospital.

If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, it is important that you have health & wellness as your top priority. When the preventative measures are taken, many birth defects can be prevented.

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