Best Dishes to Pair your Beer With

The modern beer is complex because of the variety and flavors that are available. From lagers to ales, to specialty beers, consumers have quite a choice when it comes to what kind of beer to buy. Properly pairing your beer and food is an art. Here is a basic guide to pairing beers, and if you enjoy this article, then you should explore some of the breweries around Ventura County.

Lagers can be paired with almost any type of food. Personally, I prefer them towards the end of meal as a warm up for dessert.

Ales come in a wide variety, and most are served close to room temperature. Ales are typically paired with meats like chicken or pork. The heavier ales go will with beef, lamb, and even spicy foods.

The best place to learn about beer pairing is at many of the local breweries. Most beer pairing events are just that, they are events that you can visit and enjoy food and beer paired by a brewery, but coming on September 21-22 is the California Beer Festival. It will be located in Mission Park and will make an excellent opportunity for people to get out and enjoy beer and food.

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