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Celebrating Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day May 16th

Honor Those Who Answered The Call To Serve

Memorial Day is just around the corner, presenting the perfect opportunity for our communities to remember the brave men and women who gave their lives to protecting Americans’ freedoms. What about those who are still serving us today, including those on active duty and in reserve units?

On May 16th, we have the chance to celebrate Armed Forces Day. On this day, may I suggest that we take the time to honor any individuals we know who are serving in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. Celebrated since 1949, this holiday pairs with Memorial and Veterans Day to remind us of the important role our enlisted men and women who make up our armed forces play in American life. The theme for Armed Forces Day 2015 is “Honor Those Who Answered The Call To Serve,” reminding us how much we owe to the people serving in our military branches.

The saying is so true, freedom isn’t free and we owe all of our rights and privileges to those who have fought for our values, our traditions and most importantly, our Country.

How will you support our troops? The Maria Sanchez Show sends deep gratitude to every single man and woman who is dedicated to protecting our nation. Thank you!

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