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What We Need to Know During Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month

We should all work to become more informed during Autism Awareness Month this April.

April is Autism Awareness Month! Although this developmental disability is extremely common in our modern age, we generally aren’t as informed as we could be about it. The Autism Society says that one in every 68 children born in the United States is affected by autism. Clearly, this is something we all need to know more about!

There is good news. Early detection and treatment has been shown to dramatically improve the quality of life and functionality of people living with autism. Between birth and 36 months of age, children should hit certain milestones. If your son or daughter isn’t making those strides, he or she could have autism. Presently, we don’t have a medical test that can diagnose autism. Instead, specially trained physicians and psychologists administer autism-specific behavioral evaluations.  Here are a few signs to look for:

  • Minimal eye contact
  • Delayed speech development
  • Fixation on certain parts of objects
  • Little or no spontaneous play
  • Little interest in friendships with other kids
  • Repetition of certain phrases or actions

If you notice these signs, seek the counsel of your primary caregiver to discuss the situation. He or she can work with you to make sure your son or daughter has the best life possible! As we mentioned earlier, a typical diagnostic evaluation involves a multi-disciplinary team of doctors including a pediatrician, psychologist, speech and language pathologist and occupational therapist. Genetic testing may likewise be recommended, as well as screening for related medical issues such as sleep difficulties. This type of comprehensive helps parents understand as much as possible about their child’s strengths and needs.

The Maria Sanchez Show is proud to be providing some information during Autism Awareness Month, but we encourage you to learn more!

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