An Overview of the Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is the most celebrated event in China and this Friday, January 31, 2014, is this year’s Chinese New Year. It is such a special holiday that people begin taking leave from work weeks in advance to prepare for the biggest and most celebrated event in China.

Chinese months are designed by a lunar calendar, each month starts on their darkest day. The New Year celebrations traditionally begin on the 1st day of the month and continue until the 15th day, when the moon is the brightest.

Chinese New Year Legend

The Chinese New Year legend dates back to early times, Buddha had asked the animals to come and meet with him on a Chinese New Year. 12 of the animals came to meet him, and Buddha decided to name a year after each of the animals. Buddha then announced anyone born in that animal’s year would retain some of the traits of the animal’s persona.

The 12 Birth Animals of the Chinese Zodiac

The 12 animals each represent one year so if you were born in 1900 your animal would be the rat the next date for the year of the rat was 1912 (based on 12 months in a year.)

  • Rat- 1900
  • Ox – 1901
  • Tiger – 1902
  • Hare – 1903
  • Dragon – 1904
  • Snake – 1905
  • Horse – 1906
  • Goat – 1907
  • Monkey – 1908
  • Rooster – 1909
  • Dog – 1910
  • Pig – 1911

Examples of the first animal – Rat- 1900 +12 = 1912 +12 = 1924 simply add 12 until you reach your birth year.

Keep in mind the Chinese New Year astrological calendar is always between the middle of January and February so the first 2 animals may have slight inaccuracies when you try to calculate your birth animal. There are several calculators online that use your full birth date and can provide you with an accurate animal.

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