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It’s American Diabetes Month! Learn How You Can Reduce Your Risk for the Disease

How You Can Reduce Your Risk for Diabetes for American Diabetes Month

Make health a priority during American Diabetes Month.

It’s American Diabetes Month. With millions of diabetics and an additional 86 million people at risk for developing diabetes, it’s vitally important that we take control of our health. We may be able to help raise awareness about the disease and how we may be able to prevent it with these tips. Here’s what we should know.

Live Well.

Eating a well balanced nutritious diet and getting regular exercise is important, especially when it comes to reducing our risk for diabetes.  A great way to begin is by choosing whole-grains, vegetables, fruits, protein, and somehow adding exercise wherever we can. Maintaining a healthy weight is key when it comes to keeping diabetes risk low.

Visit the Doctor.

It’s important that we take our health into our hands. Being proactive and scheduling appointments with our health care providers is an excellent step in attending to our health and wellness before there may be issues. That way they can help us monitor our circumstances, and they may be able to fix a situation before it gets out of hand.

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