All Saints Day and Halloween

Many religious groups choose not to celebrate Halloween or to participate in trick-or-treating. The idea is that Halloween encourages the worship of evil and the promotion of negativity. However, there is a holiday concluding with the first of November that is a holy day for Christians. November 1 is All Saints Day, which is a Christian holiday dating back to 600 A. D. This holiday shows appreciation for the martyrs throughout history who have lost their lives because of their staunch belief in Jesus Christ.

Also known as All Hallows Day, this autumn holiday most likely began as a celebration at the same time as an early November Irish Celtic harvest festival. Furthermore All Hallows Eve, the night before All Saints Day on October 31, was renamed to Halloween in a Scottish translation. Halloween, therefore, originally signified the Christian celebration of martyrs.

Whether you choose to celebrate by dressing up and going through haunted houses, or by showing your appreciation for those who died for their religious believes; those of us at The Maria Sanchez Show are wishing you a safe and fun celebration!

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