Heading Back to School as an Adult? Here Are Some Back to School Tips!

Heading Back to School as an Adult? Here Are Some Back to School Tips!

These back to school tips can help adult students get settled in the classroom.

Heading back to school as an adult isn’t easy, trust me, I know this personally and first hand.  I’m presently in the second year of my Master’s education in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage, Family Therapy.  Being the oldest person in the room (by far – including a great deal of the professors), I know first-hand what this challenge is like! Not only do we have to juggle work, kids, perhaps a spouse or a significant other, and bills, we also have to get back into the habit of being a student. As a student myself, I am keenly aware of the pain – and I want to help lessen it! Here are a few back to school tips adult students can use to ease our way into the school year.

  • Make Space. In order to succeed, we need to create both physical and mental space. We can benefit from setting aside parts of our day or week when we only focus on school. Turn off the phone, get where people can’t bother us, and give our studies the attention they need. It’s even easier to do this if we have a physical space; spend time setting up our desks.  One of my professors spoke about gaining and obtaining the information and keeping that consistent with the environment that we set aside to do so.  She also suggested that was true of exams.  Sit where we gained the information in the classroom when we take our tests.
  • Build Community. It’s easy to go it alone as an adult student, but it’s not beneficial. We can reach out to our professors and peers to get help and explore ideas, and we’ll get more from our schooling!  I’ve found the camaraderie amongst the students incredibly rewarding.  Rather than being competitive, I find the environment in general, to be collaborative, which is incredibly refreshing and validating.
  • Give Yourself Grace. If you’re just getting started with balancing school and adult life, know that we don’t have to stick to the plans we have today. Summer courses or a slower semester might be necessary for success – and that’s okay!  One day at a time.  Remember the end game – graduation, a degree, a diploma, a certificate, a skill.

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