A Novel Twist on Speed Dating

Have you ever wondered about the concept of speed dating? This can be an alternative to or used in addition to niche singles events as a way to help you meet other singles in your area. For our June 7th episode, we covered the concept of speed dating, even talking to the founder of “On Speed Dating”, Amber Soletti who is a known expert in this area.

We discuss how there are now specialty groups such as HUNG speed dating—this particular dating opportunity allows women to find men who are well-endowed. However, no matter what your interests are, there is probably a speed dating opportunity for you. When you open your heart to this possibility, you may allow yourself to find that special person that completes your life and fills it with love.

For more information about speed dating, including Niche concepts like Size Matters – for tall singles, Skinny Minny – for women size 0 – 8 visit our site The Maria Sanchez Show and check out the June 7th episode, which is now available in podcast form or on iTunes. After that, listen to our show live Monday through Friday from 9 to 9:50 am (Pacific) on LA Talk Radio, Channel 2.

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