A Legitimate Time to “Go Green” and Rid Yourself of Those Underwhelming Gifts

If you are like me, then you have received a “unique” and “underwhelming” gift that you just can’t wait to part with. Right? National Regifting Day makes this fun and easy. And to top it off, it’s the “green” thing to do!

Never heard of this made-up holiday? Let’s change that! has declared this holiday into existence in honor of the fact that most office holiday parties are scheduled for the third Thursday in December, and most people exchange “unique” gifts, another way to describe “regifts,” at these parties. Why? Because they need gifts for their office colleagues and don’t actually want to fork out the money to buy them. Hence, National Regifting Day was born. Research even indicates that at least 40% of office party gifts are actually “recycled” or “regifted”. Maybe it should just be made official – office parties should come out and state that their parties are “regifting” parties.

Join in on the fun by digging up one of your underwhelming treasures and unload it on someone else on National Regifting Day officially scheduled for the Thursday before Christmas.

Here are 5 basic rules to make it easier:

  • Make sure the gift is still in its original packaging with all parts and accessories included.
  • Never regift a broken or used item.
  • Don’t regift just to save money. You should still feel that the gift will be appreciated and enjoyed by the recipient.
  • Don’t regift an item to the person who gave it to you. If in doubt, don’t regift!
  • Consider the item being regifted and the person receiving the gift. Will it be well received?

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