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The 75th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Celebrates 75 Years!

When you purchase a motorcycle, you join a community. Motorcycle riders have a deeply rooted camaraderie, and come together at rallies all over the country and the entire planet to celebrate that bond and the bikes that brought them together.

I’ve been a two wheel rider since I was ten years old.  I purchased a mini-bike when I was ten.  At the time we lived across the street from a ten acre parcel of land that was undeveloped so it was the perfect venue to ride my little bike.  From there my father taught me to ride on Honda’s, 75, 125, 250’s in the wild outback of New Mexico (my mother’s birthplace).

I left the world of motorcycles when I went to college, began my career, married and gave birth to my 4 children.  When my marriage was crumbling and I found myself alone, I wanted to find a solitary and single avocation and I realized that motorcycle riding was the perfect opportunity.

In order to get a motorcycle license in California you are given the option of attending a 3 day class that if you pass, you get a license.  So I signed up for the course, took the pre-tests, attended the 3 days (one in the class room, 2 on a bike) and passed the exam with a 90% as a rider, 100% written and lo and behold I got my license.

Interesting enough, on my way to my first class I called my father to share with him what I was doing as I knew he was going to be so happy for me, the only person who might be happy for me (because everyone else discouraged me).  My father was less than enthusiastic (an understatement).  I said, “Dad, you of all people should be happy for me, after all, you encouraged my skill set when I was growing up.”

Whereupon he replied, “Maria, you are either putting a bike down or you have put one down.”  Dream stealer!  : – (

At this juncture I knew that I wanted a Harley Davidson, only a Harley.  I went to the dealer and looked at all of the bikes.  The sales person said, “Maria, with legs like that you can ride any bike in this show room.”  I have long legs.

I decided I didn’t want one of those big and luxurious bad boys but rather something that could feel the road and thus the ride.  I purchased a brand new, black, Harley, 1800, custom, low and added $6,000 worth of chrome on her.  I named her Genevieve.  She was my girl.

She kept me company whenever I needed her.  90% of the time I rode her by myself.  Sometimes I joined the HOG members on their scheduled rides but usually it was just when the mood hit me.  Often on the weekends but sometimes on a beautiful and balmy summer late afternoon.

I went to Sturgis in 2007 and again in 2012.  I’m sorry to be missing the 75th anniversary this year but I’m in Mexico with girlfriends on a vacation, immediately after my finals.

After my 2012 trip to Sturgis with 9 male riders (most of them retired LAPD), they urged me to get rid of Genevieve and get a bigger bike.  For the first time in my entire life, I succumbed to peer pressure and bought a brand new Street Glide that was metallic candy apple red.  We named her Genevieve 2 but everyone referred to her as “G-2.”

G-2 possessed every luxury known to the human race.  But she was B-I-G, too BIG.  I felt like I was floating instead of riding and it wasn’t why I rode a motorcycle in the first place.

So unfortunately for me, I sold G-2 and I haven’t replaced her.  I think those days may be behind me now but I reflect fondly upon my time on the road as a rider and smile and remember how therapeutic my time on Genevieve was.

Ride safe – chrome up!

Probably the most notably of these rallies is the famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. For decades, people have been flocking to Sturgis, South Dakota in early August to be a part of one of the biggest gatherings of motorcycle enthusiasts in the world. This year, the motorcycle rally runs for a full week, from August 3rd to 9th.

This will mark the 75th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and so it promises to be one of the most exciting events yet. Main Street in downtown Sturgis will be filled to the brim with riders who came in on the area’s scenic roadways. Over the next week, people in Sturgis will have the chance to see custom bikes, concerts, bike shows, races, and more. If you are a motorcycle lover, it’s not too late to head to South Dakota and be a part of this historical 75-year anniversary!

Happy riding from the The Maria Sanchez Show!

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