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Monthly Archives: August 2019

How We Can Strike a Healthy Tech-Life Balance

tablet, laptop, and cell phone

Let’s not let technology take over; let’s try out these suggestions to balance our online and real lives. In today’s digital age, staying connected is easier than ever.  However, constantly being plugged in does have its downsides.  As we become more dependent on technology, we may often forget about the real-life relationships and responsibilities that also

Celebrating Julia Child and Her Legacy in Honor of Her Birthday

woman cooking

Happy birthday, Julia Child! Today marks the birthday of American chef, author, and television personality, Julia Child (1912-2004).  Child is best known for making French cuisine accessible to the American public with her debut cookbook, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” and her famous cooking show, “The French Chef.” Child got her culinary start when

Here are Some Anecdotes about Famous Lefties on International Left Handers Day

baby left hand

Please join us in recognizing International Left Handers Day. Today is International Left Handers Day, an annual occasion dedicated to celebrating the uniqueness of left handers.  Another goal of this day is to highlight the challenges that lefties face in a predominantly right-handed world.  Left-handers make up only 7-10% of the population, this trait is actually

Fun Facts to Commemorate President Herbert Hoover on His Birthday

birthday cupcake with candles

We’d like to share with you some salient information about America’s 31st president today. Today, in 1874, Herbert Hoover (1874 – 1964) was born. While he is most known for being the 31st president, Hoover was also a successful mining engineer and served as the head of the Food Administration, head of the American Relief Administration,

On This Day in History: Thomas Edison Patents Mimeograph

light bulb illuminated

On this day in 1876, Edison patented his mimeograph. On August 8th, 1876 American inventor Thomas Edison secured a patent for his mimeograph machine.  What’s a mimeograph, you might ask?  Now that you’ve asked, it’s also known as a stencil duplicator.  This machine worked by forcing ink through a stencil to print onto paper.  These

Let’s Take Better Care of Our Feet This August

feet hanging out of car window

Let’s all make an effort to improve our foot health this month. Our feet take a beating every day.  Unfortunately, many of us don’t think about our feet until something starts to go wrong. Rather than neglecting our feet and simply hoping for the best, we could be making an effort to improve our foot health. 

Fun Ideas for This American Family Day

family at the beach at sunset

Here’s some information about American Family Day! American Family Day falls on the first Sunday of every August.  This occasion was first established in the state of Arizona in 1977.  However, it has since grown in popularity, and many other states now observe it as well.  As the name suggests, American Family Day is dedicated