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On this Day in (Recent) History: The First iPhone was Released

man holding iphone

On this day in 2007, the first iPhone was released. On June 29th, 2007, Apple launched its first ever iPhone.  While many of the original iPhone’s specs would be considered outdated by today’s standards, many herald the first iPhone as the trailblazer to the smartphones that we love today.  To commemorate the anniversary of this

Happy Birthday, Helen Keller!

birthday candles

To honor Helen Keller on the anniversary of her birthday, we share these moments from her life. On this day in 1880, Helen Keller was born.  While she was born healthy, an illness in 1882 rendered her blind and deaf.  Ms. Keller famously learned to communicate through the tireless efforts and support of her teacher

On This Day in History: The Toothbrush was Invented

person brushing teeth

Here’s some interesting history of toothbrushes. The concept of toothbrushes has been around since 3000 BC when ancient civilizations used thin twigs with frayed ends to rub against their teeth.  However, the bristle toothbrush that we know today first emerged in China in 1498. These first toothbrushes were made with the coarse hairs of pigs and

Let’s Stay Safe as We Travel on Vacation

luggage on baggage claim

Safety suggestions for our next getaways. Now that summer is here, many of us may be getting ready to depart on vacation.  While traveling is undoubtedly fun and exciting, it’s important to remember that traveling in an unfamiliar place may also expose us to certain risks.  To ensure that we are taking care of ourselves,

Pool Safety Tips for Our Kids

kid swimming in floaties

Here’s how we can better protect our children in the pool. Many of us mayhave plans to include the pool as recreation this summer.  While swimming and splashing around is a fun way to cool off, it’s important that we remember that playing in the pool may pose serious risks for our kids.  To help avoid accidents,

Essential Health Screenings to Schedule this Men’s Health Month


Health screenings and tests that we suggest scheduling during Men’s Health Month. June is Men’s Health Month.  As the name suggests, this month encourages men to take better care of themselves.  To acknowledge the important message of this month, here are some health tests and screenings that we suggest to consider scheduling. Prostate Cancer Screening

Let’s Snack Smarter on Our Next Road Trip

mother and child sticking heads out of car window

Here are some suggestions for smarter road trip snacking. Summer is road trip season!  For those of us who are planning to embark on a driving vacation, packing snacks might not be the first thing on our minds.  However, keeping our passengers, especially children, well-fed is the best way to keep tensions at a minimum.