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Social Media Day is Tomorrow!

Social Media Day

Tomorrow, we celebrate social media and all the ways it has changed our world. You know it’s 2016 when you don’t just check social media every day, you celebrate it! Now a reality, Mashable began observing Social Media Day back in 2010, and it’s been growing in notoriety ever since. Social Media Day is celebrated on June

Sunday is the One Year Anniversary of the Legalization of Gay Marriage!

One Year Anniversary of the Legalization of Gay Marriage

The legalization of gay marriage hits its one-year anniversary this weekend. It may be difficult to believe, but it’s already been a year since the Supreme Court finally legalized gay marriage.  Americans have enjoyed nearly 365 days since they were granted the freedom to marry based on love, not on sexual orientation. On Friday, June

The First iPhone Was Released on June 29th, 2007

The First iPhone Was Released on June 29, 2007

Before June 29th, 2007, everyone (somehow!) lived without an iPhone. 2007 might not seem like that long ago, but can you imagine functioning without your iPhone? In 2007, you would have had to brave the world without a mini computer in your pocket, and that makes it feel very far away. That’s right! We’re celebrating the ninth

Let’s Honor & Protect Our National Symbol on National American Eagle Day

Let’s Remember Our History: The Gettysburg Address

During National American Eagle Day, it’s time to think about protecting the bald eagle. The majestic eagle is as synonymous with America as the colors red, white, and blue or apple pie. However, one of our most celebrated national symbols is also in danger. That’s why it’s so important to observe National American Eagle Day today. We’ve

Father’s Day is Almost Here! Here Are Some Great Ideas for Celebrating

Father's Day is Almost Here! Here Are Some Great Ideas for Celebrating

This weekend, we want to celebrate dad! These ideas might get our creative juices flowing.  Father’s Day is almost here! You probably have your gift ready to go, but you might still be trying to plan the perfect day. We want to help.  Here are a few ideas to make dad’s day extra special this

Let’s See Those Teeth! It’s National Smile Power Day

National Smile Power Day

If you’ve ever had your mood boosted by the grin of a passing stranger, you’ll be glad to know it’s National Smile Power Day. Smiles are magical. Just turning up the corners of your mouth can help you feel happier (try it!), and smiling at a friend – or even a stranger – encourages them to do

Happy Flag Day! Here’s a History of the Holiday

Flag Day History

We can all brush up on the history of Flag Day. The American Flag; an indelible, deeply ingrained symbol of freedom to every citizen of our nation. However you feel about the current state of American politics, we hope that we hold reverence for our flag. Good news flag lovers; today’s Flag Day! To a