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Forgive & Be Forgiven Today

Forgiveness Day Junes 26th

June 26th Is Forgiveness Day To err is human, to forgive is divine, as the saying goes. Like most adages, it has a deep truth that has promoted it to common vernacular. Fortunately, we can have the opportunity to be divine ourselves as today, June 26th  is Forgiveness Day. This day is intended to give us

Bite Into Turkey Lovers Month

Turkey Lovers Month

Please Pass The Turkey This Month You might assume that Turkey Lovers Month would fall in November since most American families serve turkey as the centerpiece for their Thanksgiving meals. In fact, though, Turkey Lovers Month is in June! While turkey gets the spotlight on Thanksgiving, this lean meat is great year round. It is

Ramadan Has Just Began


Understanding This Important Month Of the 12-month Islamic calendar, Ramadan is the ninth month. It is set apart as the holy month during which Muslims pray, fast (one of Islam’s five fundamental principles), and self-reflect. During Ramadan, Muslims fast—avoiding food, drink, and sexual activity—from sunup to sundown. Each day, they break their fast once the

Father’s Day & Summer Solstice Are On The Same Day!

Father's Day and Summer Solstice

Celebrate June 21st With Dad & Sunshine Father’s Day is just around the corner. Oh, wait. So is the summer solstice! On June 21st, we have the chance to celebrate dad and the changing seasons because it marks both Father’s Day and the first day of summer. On the summer solstice, we get the longest day

The Perfect Picnic For International Picnic Day

Picnic Day June 18th

Celebrate International Picnic Day With This Guide People have been enjoying picnics since the Victorian era. As the weather warms this summer, it beckons us to pack up some food and drink, head to a scenic area, and enjoy a meal in the fresh air and sunshine. If we do just that tomorrow, we will

Celebrating Our Symbol: Flag Day

Flag Day June 14th

Spotlight On The Star-Spangled Banner Today marks Flag Day. It may seem odd to celebrate our symbol of freedom rather than just celebrating the freedoms themselves. In America, though, our flag has such a significant history that it is worth celebrating! Our flag has grown with our country, starting off with just 13 stars to represent

Spread The Love On National Loving Day

National Loving Day

Commemorate A Watershed Moment Today National Loving Day sounds like a pleasant day. After all, we could all use the reminders to spread a little extra love! In fact, though, Loving Day is not named after the emotion but after two brave Americans. In 1958, Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving were, well, in love. However,