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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Get Moving This May!

National Physical Fitness and Sport Month

Small Steps Set You On The Right Path May is not just the cusp of summer, it is also National Physical Fitness and Sport Month! Whether we are already dedicated to healthy living or we want to take advantage of the new season to get a new start, this month presents the perfect opportunity to

Things Mom Actually Wants For Mother’s Day

Fun Ways to Spend Mother's Day

Gift Your Mom Something She Will Treasure As a mother of four, I know how hard you work taking care of your family. Even if you don’t have human children, taking care of your pet children can be quite the undertaking, too! Being a mom makes you particularly grateful for your own mom, and you

Make A Margarita To Celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

Margarita Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

Fun Margaritas For Your Fiesta Today marks Cinco de Mayo, the day on which the Mexican army overcame the odds to defeat the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Over a century and a half later, this celebration has made its way north and we get to celebrate it in the US! To

Thank A Teacher Tomorrow

National Teacher Appreciation Day

Celebrating National Teacher Appreciation Day Tomorrow is National Teacher Appreciation Day. We hope that it will serve as a reminder for all of us to slow down towards the end of this school year and show some gratitude for our educators. Teachers have dedicated their lives to helping today’s learners become tomorrow’s leaders. Even in

Raise Mental Health Awareness This Month

Mental Health Awareness Month

The Significance Of The Coming Month When we see the first signs of physical illness, we are quick to treat them. Whether than means trying a natural remedy, digging through your medicine cabinet, or heading to the doctor, you do your best to kick a physical sickness when it first sets in. With mental illnesses