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Don’t Miss National Doctor’s Day

Thank Our Healthcare Providers Today Physicians are an integral part of our society. Not only do they help us when we need it most—in the face of a major health emergency—they also deal with our health and wellness and the little bumps in the road on this journey we call life.  While the sight of

Holy Week Begins With Palm Sunday

This Coming Sunday Commemorates Jesus’ Return To Jerusalem On Palm Sunday, the triumphal return of Jesus to Jerusalem is celebrated. It is observed on the last Sunday before Easter, and marks the beginning of Holy Week, during which the Church commemorates the events leading up to the death of Jesus. Palm Sunday is this coming

March Is Save Your Vision Month

Have Your Vision Checked This Month Contrary to popular belief, eye health comes down to much more than how strong of a prescription you need to see clearly. In fact, those with 20/20 vision may suffer from eye issues, so taking care of our eyes is important. Regular visits to the eye doctor will ensure

The Importance Of Today & Tomorrow

Today Is Saint Joseph’s Day, And Tomorrow Is The First Day Of Spring Two significant events occur over the next couple days. Today is Saint Joseph’s Day, and tomorrow marks the Vernal Equinox. Saint Joseph’s Day When there was drought and famine in Medieval Sicily, the Italians prayed to Saint Joseph, the earthly father of

Is Your March Madness Bracket Ready?

Get Ready To Track The NCAA Championships Selection Sunday was March 15th, and during that weekend the matchups for this year’s NCAA Men’s and Women’s Division I Basketball Tournament to determine the champion—also known as March Madness—were announced.  Here is the schedule, dates, hosts, and locations for the games. Dayton First Four Dayton, OH –

The History Of Saint Patrick’s Day

The Story Of Real-Life Patrick, Ireland’s Patron Saint Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated each year on March 17th to honor Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Patrick was a real person, but he was actually not Irish. Patrick was a Roman citizen living in Britain who was kidnapped at age 16 by Irish raiders and taken

Superstition About Friday The 13th

Understanding The Root Of Fear About Today Friggatriskaidekaphobia may sound like a made-up word, but it is actually a real term used to describe the fear that an estimated 17 million Americans have of Friday the 13th, also known as Black Friday. The word’s roots come from Frigga, the name of the Norse goddess after