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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Take the Pledge to Participate in American Recycles Day!

Saturday, November 15th is America Recycles Day, which means there is no better time to reintroduce the importance of recycling each and every day. Since 1997, America Recycles Day has been recognized nationwide to encourage each American to not only recycle, but to buy recycled products as well. There are a variety of ways in

Celebrating World Kindness Day on November 13th!

On this unique day, it is important that we do our part to spread world kindness. Unfortunately, far too many nations are currently experiencing turmoil, emphasizing the importance of spreading positivity amongst nations during this time. A collection of humanitarian groups came together on November 13, 1997 and made a “Declaration of Kindness”. Likewise, on

Veterans Day & United States Marine Corp Day

November calls for Americans to support our troops and honor them for all of their sacrifices. USMC Day falls on November 10th each year and Veterans Day falls on November 11th every year. While we should be showing our support and gratitude all year long, these two special days remind us to honor all of whom have

November is National Adoption Awareness Month

November marks National Adoption Awareness Month. Adoption provides children without a family the chance of a normal life and provides adoptive parents with an opportunity to invite a child into their family and into their hearts. Although all areas relating to adoption are important, this celebratory month focuses specifically on adopting children that are living

Please Vote on November 4th!

Tomorrow, November 4th is General Election Day. On this day, it is extremely important that we let our voices and choices be heard by exercising the honor and privilege that we have been given to vote. Unfortunately, there are an overwhelming number of individuals who don’t bother to vote. Our voices deserve to be heard, and

All Saint’s Day & All Soul’s Day

All Saint’s Day & All Soul’s Day are celebrated on the first two days in November.   All Saints’ Day, often shortened to All Saints, is a solemnity celebrated on November 1st by parts of Western Christianity, and on the first Sunday after Pentecost in Eastern Christianity, in honor of all the saints, known and unknown.