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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Middle Child Day Is Your Day To Shine

Being the middle child can be tough and can leave one feeling unappreciated at times. The first child seems to get all the recognition and the third child is the baby of the family; middle children deserve a day of their own. Have no fear middle child, this August 12th is your day to shine.

Fun Ways Bookworms Can Celebrate Book Lover’s Day

If you’re a book worm as I am, nothing is more enjoyable than curling up in a quiet and comfortable spot with your favorite tome. Avid readers enjoy the thrill that can be found in the pictures that are painted by the author’s sentences and the stories. Bookworms around our country can rejoice because August

All About Conejo: The Local Letter Interview with Maria Sanchez

Maria Sanchez recently interviewed with All About Conejo for their Local Letter Interview. As stated by All About Conejo: “There are some AMAZING companies & entities sprinkling the Conejo Valley, and behind each one of them are intrinsically motivated & powerful people, whether they be local executives, business leaders, civic leaders, or celebrities. Our thought

10 Ways To Enjoy Lazy Day This August

Let’s face it, we all have a lazy side and that’s why August 10th is the day we’ve all been waiting for. National Lazy Day will finally give us an excuse to be lazy all day long and the hazy heat of August will give us the perfect setting.  Here are some great ways to

This August Be Happy, Smile, and Make a Friend

This August is an excellent opportunity to get rid of some sadness or stress that may be lingering in our lives. August is Admit You’re Happy Month, so let’s see if we can focus more on enjoying the moment and the now. We can reflect upon our gratitude by trying out different ways to promote

Celebrate Your Love and Forgiveness This Month!

As life unfolds, often there are matters that deserve some attention and scrutiny but we shy away from them because it may be uncomfortable for us to do so.   August is an ideal opportunity to forgive and change things around us to make the best of our lives. It is an opportunity to resolve our