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Get Healthy This August For More Herbs, Less Salt Day

Eating healthy can be challenging but by replacing salt with herbs, we can take huge strides in improving our health. August 29th is More Herbs, Less Salt day and is the perfect time to experiment with using herbs instead of salt in our home cooked meals. Late August is prime time for herbal growth so we

Get Your Heels On and Celebrate Women’s Equality Day

Ladies, August 26th is our time to shine so let’s acknowledge how much we’ve progressed by celebrating Women’s Equality Day. The 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote, was ratified on August 18, 1920 and this is a day set aside to revel in that. Celebrate Women’s Equality Day however you’d like, today is the

Ride the Last Winds of Summer

Most of us are looking for ways to hold on to the last days of summer. What better way to enjoy the breezy end of summer than the celebration of Ride the Wind Day? Mark your calendar for August 23rd and leave your worries behind as you ride the last winds of summer. Ride the Wind

Pump Up the Jams for National Radio Day

Finally, a day when we can appreciate one of the things that brings us joy whether we are stuck in traffic, taking a scenic drive, working out, looking to escape into some daydreaming or checking out the latest topics in the world of talk radio. National radio day which dates back to 1990 is on

Pop Some Tags For National Thriftshop Day

August 17th is the time to pop some tags for National Thrift Shop Day. Lately thrift shops have been taken over by department stores and dollar stores. That’s not good news for those of us who are big on the recycled clothing movement. Make Macklemore proud and spend your Sunday taking advantage of previously owned

The History Of VJ Day

September 2nd is a historical day to remember. VJ day is the day we victoriously stopped World War II and ceased fighting with Japan. In order to truly appreciate today, here’s a brief history lesson. The war was in the Pacific and toughly fought. The United States military was fighting with strong resistance and moving

Show Your Appreciation For All Your Left Handed Friends & Loved Ones!

Happy Left Handers Day! All Lefties, it is time to celebrate.  If you were bullied for being a “Southpaw” you now have a day to celebrate, today, August 13th. On this day, it’s important that we help raise awareness to show people that we have rights too! It doesn’t matter that most desks in school