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Monthly Archives: July 2014

2014 FIFA World Cup

What an exhilarating FIFA World Cup this has been! Hopefully you have been watching these exciting games! Making it out of group play and into the round of 16: Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands, Chili, Colombia, Greece, Costa Rica, Uruguay, France, Switzerland, Argentina, Nigeria, Germany, United States, Belgium, and Algeria. Coming into the Semi-Finals with our final

Cancers, Leos, & Rubies…Oh July!

Maria Sanchez’s father is a Cancer, and he is turning 85 on the 11th of this month! In celebration of his big day, here are some fun facts you may not know about the July Zodiac Signs and birthstone. Cancer: June 22nd– July 22nd Cancers are family people! They love communal activities and family traditions. The

Community Support for Sarah Pettersen

The outpouring of community support for now, high school graduate, Sarah Pettersen is amazing. While walking to Agoura High School one terribly windy morning, Mother Nature, specifically a tree fell on Sarah. She broke her back in two places, shattered both of her ankles, and broke her ribs which punctured a lung. This 17 year

Happy 4th of July from The Maria Sanchez Show!

While most Americans gather with their picnic baskets ready to see fireworks, few take the time to appreciate the true meaning of the holiday. Independence Day is celebrated on the 4th of July to commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. As the most secular holiday celebrated in the United States, Americans should

St. Thomas Day & History

On July 3rd we celebrate the Feast Day for St. Thomas in both the Roman Catholic church and the Orthodox churches. Many Christians are able to relate to Jesus’ disciple, St. Thomas due to his strong beliefs. His doubt of the resurrection until receiving proof allows Christians to feel sympathetic to St. Thomas. He is often