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Tomorrow is National Lasagna Day!

July 29th is National Lasagna Day.  Get ready to enjoy the mouthwatering aromas coming from the kitchen on this beautiful hot July day. As one of Italy’s most delicious creations, lasagna is the perfect family dish and allows everyone to share one perfectly layered concoction filled with pasta, tomato sauce, cheeses, and Italian sausage. If you

Get Your Fill of Fruits and Veggies This Summer

Summer is a great time to cleanse your body by filling up with fruits and vegetables.  July is fruit and veggie month so we’re going to fill you in on these nutritional facts about them. Fruits are nutritious and colorful and are definitely nature’s candy. Although they may be sweet and delicious there are plenty

Tips For A Safe Picnic Month

With the wonderful summer weather we’ve been experiencing, it’s no wonder that July is picnic month. Picnics are a great way to get the family and friends together and to take advantage of the summer sun. But with summer comes heat and with heat comes bacteria. Please follow these tips to safely pack food for

Save A Life This Month With Cord Blood Awareness

The National Health Information Center has labeled July as cord blood awareness month to help share the word about the benefits of stem cells. Cord Blood Awareness can stop the waste of this scientific resource so let’s break it down to the basics. Stem cells are currently used to regenerate tissue and treat diseases and

Interesting Facts About Tickling For National Tickling Month

If you’ve been feeling grim there’s no need to worry. National tickling month is here so surprise your friends who don’t know what month it is and get ready for some tickles and laughter. In honor of national tickling month try not to giggle at these fun and interesting facts about tickling. Tickling is your

What Does Your Local Park Have To Offer

Face it, you’ve discovered that you and the family need to get out more. You’re in luck because July is the perfect time to pack up and head out to your local park. In honor of national park month, local parks are organizing events in July so you and your family can enjoy all that

Happy Bastille Day From The Maria Sanchez Show!

Are you ready to brush up on your French history? We hope so, because Bastille Day is coming up on July 14th. Bastille Day represents the anniversary of the attack on the French prison, Bastille, by Parisian revolutionaries in 1789. This event marked the start of the French revolution, and as such, is on France’s