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Law Enforcement Officers: Fighting the Good Fight

May is Law Enforcement Appreciation Month, which is a great opportunity to talk about just how important our friends in blue really are. We’ve always believed that law enforcement officers are among the most important members of our society. Where most people have the instinct to run away from a dangerous situation, these brave men

The Importance of Teen Pregnancy Prevention is Recognized Each May

Having a baby is a wonderful experience, but it is always best when the parents are fully prepared to nurture and support the child that they are bringing into the world. But many babies are born to less than prepared parents, and all too often these parents are still children themselves. Teen pregnancy is a

Memorial Day More Meaningful Than Other Holidays

Memorial Day means much more than the unofficial start of the summer season. It is a celebration and a “lifetime achievement award” for our military veterans who sacrificed everything to keep our freedom free. After years of celebrating Decoration Day on May 30, Congress adopted the “Uniform Monday Holiday Act” in 1968 establishing Memorial Day

The Benefits of Better Sleep

May is Better Sleep Month and here at The Maria Sanchez Show, we think it’s vital to focus on the importance of getting a full night’s sleep in general. Your sleep cycle plays a huge role in your overall health. Everything from your weight to your mood throughout the day depends heavily on getting an

French Open: May 25th – June 8th

If you appreciate outstanding tennis, featuring the best players in the world, you must love the French Open to be contested from May 25 through June 8. The clay courts of Roland-Garros Stadium requires mastery of all classic shots, not just the serve and volley game played on hard courts. The French Open is a

Mental Health Awareness Month Reminds Us to Mind Our Health

When we develop the sniffles or a cough, most of us have the good sense to slow down and take better care of ourselves. The same goes for a pain in our side, our stomach, or even a general feeling of weakness. But while it is important to be aware of our physical health, taking

Learn to Recognize the Signs of Stroke During National Stroke Awareness Month

The American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association have teamed up in honor of National Stroke Awareness Month. Since May is also designated as American Stroke Awareness Month, we are doing our part to spread awareness by sharing this information with you today. We want to urge all of you to print this list