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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Curl up with a good book during National Book Month

I am an avid reader and especially love to read autobiographies and biographies. That is why I became overly excited when I learned that January is National Book Month. What a perfect month to celebrate the opportunity to dive into and get lost in a good book. The weather continues to cool down making it

National Volunteer Blood Donor Month

Our community’s blood supply is all around us. It is in hospitals, blood banks and even in delivery vehicles passing through our neighborhoods. Just like in our bodies, donated blood has a circulation of its own when making its way to people in need of a blood transfusion. January is National Volunteer Blood Donor Month,

Celebrating the Lives of Two Great American Women

This January, we’ll be celebrating two great women in history, Amelia Earhart and Christa McAuliffe. Did you know that Amelia Earhart day is January 11th and honors one of America’s great explorers and pioneers? America’s first great female aviator, she set records and broke past all the barriers placed on her gender by society. Then

Save the Eagles Day

Join us on Friday, January 10, 2014, for Save the Eagles Day.  This day provides an opportunity to learn more about our American Bald Eagle that we love and treasure so much, and to promote awareness of the laws and programs that preserve and protect our national bird. By participating in Save the Eagles Day, you will

Epiphany Helps to Keep the Christmas Spirit Alive

A lot of people think the whole holiday season ends on Christmas Day, but I think they’ve got it backward. The season really begins on December 25th. The only thing that ends is the holiday shopping frenzy. Except for people who got gift cards and need to get right back to the mall! The 12 days

Capricorn Characteristics

Capricorns are the most underrated of all the astrological signs. There is a good reason their icon is the tireless, sure-footed mountain goat. These animals can safely climb higher than any other of their mammal species. Regardless of the sometimes seemingly reckless behavior of Capricorns, most of them have carefully planned out their actions, creating

New Year, New You

I love the New Year.  It gives us a chance to start fresh, leave the past behind, and decide on a few key changes which can help towards our greater good.  Something about putting up that brand new calendar and writing a new number at the top of every page makes me feel a world